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By Innova Communications
on March 09, 2021

Developing successful food flavors is no easy feat and it’s an even greater challenge when you’re up against the world’s toughest critics: kids. They are notorious for telling it like it is when it comes to food.

By Innova Communications
on March 05, 2021

At Innova Flavors, we know the way you flavor your product is your competitive advantage, which is why our three-step process begins and ends with flavor. We work with you to discover the flavor profile your product needs, develop that flavor from idea to mouthwatering completion, and in the end, deliver a winning flavor that’s profitable long-term.

By Innova Communications
on March 03, 2021

The plant-based food category is exploding as more consumers are putting greater emphasis on health and wellness because of the coronavirus pandemic. As a result, food manufacturers ranging from start-ups to leading consumer packaged goods companies are responding by rapidly innovating in this segment.

By Innova Communications
on February 26, 2021

Whether they’re motivated by health, ethical concerns or simple curiosity, consumers around the world are incorporating more plant-based meals, snacks, and beverages into their diets. In North America, as consumers report wanting to limit – but not eliminate – their meat intake, we’re seeing innovating product offerings such as sausages that blend humanely raised meat with fresh vegetables.

By Innova Communications
on February 12, 2021

At Innova Flavors, our purpose is simple yet complex: “We Blend Care and Creativity to Nourish the World.” We pride ourselves on being a company that serves the world through better food, and our care and creativity means we’ll find the right mix of global reach and local impact to serve the earth, so we nourish all of us who call it home.

By Innova Communications
on February 05, 2021

Remember the great sriracha obsession of 2013? People couldn’t get enough of it – the hot sauce topped every meal, became a potato chip flavor and was the shining star of novelty and fan products. But if you would have asked someone about the condiment just five years prior to the consumer craze, they would have had no clue what you were talking about.

By Innova Communications
on January 28, 2021

As we embark on the new year, we’re sharing the next big flavor, ingredient and operational trends that will impact our industry. Our focus is on the future and thinking about the ways in which we can help our partners succeed with innovative approaches to meet the evolving needs of consumers and our shared planet.

By Innova Communications
on January 20, 2021

If someone told you a year ago that dining in a restaurant would become somewhat taboo, would you have believed them? Of course not!

By Innova Communications
on December 28, 2020

Here at Innova Flavors, our biggest passion is helping you achieve your goals through customized solutions built on care and creativity. As 2020 draws to a close, our focus is on the future.

What are the next big flavor, ingredient and operational trends that will affect our industry? As food professionals and enthusiasts ourselves, we love thinking about the possibilities—and we are excited to share with you a sneak peek of our top trends for 2021.