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Savory flavors are mouthwatering, fresh, bold, distinctive, classic, authentic, rich, comforting and aromatic. For all non-meat savory flavor needs, Innova provides SavorNotes™, a portfolio of savory flavors and enhancers, developed and perfected by our flavorists.

Our flavors can be created in a variety of forms—liquid, dry or paste—depending on what is most process-friendly for you. Regardless of where the flavor will be used—sauces, soups, broths, seasonings, plant-based products, side items, meats or snacks—Innova’s food scientists and flavorists will customize it to suit any formulation need, label requirement and flavor profile.

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Wide Range of Savory Flavor Profiles


  • Vegetable 
  • Herb & Spice
  • Chile
  • Seafood
  • Alcohol
  • Fat & Oil
  • Cheese
  • Dairy
  • And so many more...
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