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By Innova Communications
on January 28, 2021

10 Trends That Will Define 2021

As we embark on the new year, we’re sharing the next big flavor, ingredient and operational trends that will impact our industry. Our focus is on the future and thinking about the ways in which we can help our partners succeed with innovative approaches to meet the evolving needs of consumers and our shared planet.

By working together with Griffith Foods, we curated a list of the 10 key trends that will drive the future of food in 2021 and beyond. While these trends are framed through the lens of our current environment, they are shaped by insights from Griffith Foods' global network of chefs and market research experts. 

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Explore our Top 10 Trends of 2021:

1.APlantForwardFuture-cropA PLANT-FORWARD FUTURE: The future of plant-forward dining is all about how chefs and manufacturers can satisfy consumer curiosity by improving the taste and texture of vegetable- and legume-rich dishes. 

NourishingCuisine 2NOURISHING CUISINE: In the wake of the public health crisis, consumers are looking to nourish themselves with nutrient-dense foods and are seeking out health benefits such as strengthening the immune system, improving respiratory health and even reducing anxiety. 

3.HowConvenient-ENGLISH-1HOW CONVENIENT: In these trying times, there is a renewed interest in creating safe, simple ways for consumers to enjoy restaurant-quality meals from the comfort of home. 

4.ClassicsBringComfort-ENGLISH-1CLASSICS BRING COMFORT: Inventive operators and manufacturers are breathing new life into the enduring comfort food trend, as consumers seek solace wherever they can get it.

5.FromMashupToMainstream-ENGLISH-1FROM MASHUP TO MAINSTREAM: Looking to mix things up? Start with a tried-and-true combination, such as sweet-and-salty or creamy-and-tart, to create unique complementary flavor pairings that brighten retail offerings. 

AGoodCatchA GOOD CATCH: Fishermen, chefs and manufacturers are working in tandem on ways to support the health and sustainability of our oceans while meeting consumer demand for seafood.

7.ExperienceAsia-ENGLISH-1EXPERIENCE ASIA: It’s time to get familiar with the nuances of Asian cuisine, as every country, city and street corner has an exceptional dish with appeal that knows no bounds. 

ChilesFlavorNotFire-squareCHILES: FLAVOR, NOT FIRE: The desire for fire has taken a back seat to a more nuanced appreciation of the complexity of pepper flavors, which can range from floral to fruity and smoky to sweet. 

9.TheGloryOfGarlic-ENGLISH-1THE GLORY OF GARLIC: We’ll explore which alliums are gaining popularity and dive into the potential for garlic and other alliums in product development innovation across categories.

10.CheesePlease-ENGLISH-1CHEESE, PLEASE: Innovative vegan alternatives are exploding on the scene as chefs and manufacturers look to reach a new customer base, with surprisingly tasty spreads and slices made from soy, nuts or vegetable oils.


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Published by Innova Communications January 28, 2021
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