Why flavors fail & how to fix it

Flavoring a product
is critical and difficult

Flavoring your product correctly is one of the most important considerations you have. 

The recipe for success

You can not afford to market a product
with a flavor that doesn't perform

Taste is one of our
strongest senses
If customers don't love your flavor, they're going to reject your product.
Flavor fillers dilute
margins and taste
When you source flavors with fillers needlessly you run the risk of not only eroding margins but also diluting the taste of your product. 
Time to market
is pivotal
The longer it takes to create your flavors, the more time your competition has to gain market share.

You need a
winning flavor

Savory flavors

When it comes to creating a winning product, you need
a winning flavor

You need to follow a recipe for success that lets you:

  • Develop new products that win with consumers
  • Steal market share from competitors
  • Increase profit margins to drive growth
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Let's face it

The flavor industry is flawed

If you've done anything with the flavor industry, you've probably 
experienced situations like...

Flavor fillers
Many companies use flavor fillers, causing you to buy more and more when you actually get less of the flavor you want.
Short-term focuses
The industry is known for having a short-term focus, meaning you may end up paying more in the long-term, further cutting your margins.
Flavor generalists
Many flavoring companies assign you flavor generalists who develop meat & savory flavor profiles that don't offer unique and nuanced notes.

Flavor is core to your product's identity and success

What you really need are...

  • Concentrated flavors. No fillers. 
  • A flavoring partner with a long-term joint profit strategy.
  • Flavor specialists who know exactly what your consumers crave.
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How to flavor a product
the right way

Tens of thousands of consumer products launch every year, only for 90% to fail. But, if you follow the right strategy upfront, the odds shift to your favor.