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By Innova Communications
on June 10, 2021

As consumers continue to be more mindful of their health and wellness by seeking better-for-you options, clean label is becoming increasingly important to food manufacturers. While the FDA hasn’t offered a concrete definition or regulatory restrictions of clean label, it can simply be described as fewer and simpler ingredients.

By Innova Communications
on June 03, 2021

If you’re looking for a food flavoring manufacturer, we know you are looking for the best. After all, flavor is your product’s competitive advantage and that means you want the best results, which can only be delivered by the best food flavoring manufacturer.

By Innova Communications
on May 20, 2021

Seafood is an important part of the human diet and U.S. consumers love it. According to data from the most recent National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) “Fisheries of the United States” report, American consumers ate 16.1 pounds of seafood per capita in 2018.

By Innova Communications
on May 14, 2021

Plant-based food is growing nearly two times faster than total U.S. retail food sales. New data from SPINS and The Good Food Institute shows the segment grew 27% last year as sales jumped from $5.5 billion in 2019 to $7 billion in 2020.

By Innova Communications
on May 07, 2021

We are excited to share that Innova Flavors has been acquired by leading flavor, extract, and essence manufacturer Synergy Flavors, Inc.

By Innova Communications
on May 06, 2021

Amazing things are happening in the plant-based food category as consumer interest continues to rise. Future growth and the strength of the segment will rely on ongoing flavor innovation, which will take plant-based products to the next level.

By Innova Communications
on April 29, 2021

The plant-based food category is the fastest-growing segment in the industry today. Newly published data from SPINS, commissioned by the Good Food Institute and the Plant-Based Foods Association, reports plant-based sales reached $7 billion, growing 27 percent in 2020 – almost two times faster than total U.S. retail food sales.

By Innova Communications
on April 22, 2021

Taste is the No. 1 foundational driver for consumers when making food choices. If you subscribe to our blog, this isn’t the first time you’ve read that line – and we can almost guarantee it won’t be the last – because flavor is that important. So now you’re probably saying, “OK Innova Flavors, what exactly are custom flavors and how do I use them to make ‘taste’ my product differentiator?”

By Innova Communications
on April 16, 2021

At Innova Flavors, we know you have choices when it comes to which flavoring company you choose work with, which is why we focus on building strong relationships with our customers by providing value-added support.

By Innova Communications
on April 15, 2021

The plant-based protein business is booming as nearly half of all consumers say they are choosing these alternatives more now than they did a year ago. The market explosion is explained by industry experts as an outcome of the coronavirus pandemic, evidenced by more consumers putting greater emphasis on their health and wellness, as well as the environment and sustainability.