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Experience Innova

Flavors that give your
product the edge

Hit the market with a flavor that's responsibly sourced,
protects your margins, and hooks consumers at first taste.

The right flavors.
Responsibly sourced.
No added fillers.

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Why flavors fail

The challenges of the
flavor industry

Your product's flavor is one of the easiest ways to generate repeat business, but only if your flavoring partner has a strategy for the long-term...

Proven flavoring process

How to flavor a product
the right way

90% of new products fail. A key ingredient to success is how you flavor your product. 
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Your competitive advantage

The key to winning

You have a vision for your product and its flavor. Learn how to make it a reality with our 3-step process.

Trusted by leading brands

"Innova Flavors checks all the boxes as a flavor supplier.  We can rely on Innova for exceptional flavor expertise, collaboration, and customer service.  A successful combination."

Wan Yien
R&D Manager

“Working with Innova Flavors has been wonderful! I appreciate their speed of service, innovative flavors, and high attention to detail on all of my requests.”

Danielle Franchetti
Sr Food Scientist

"The experts at Innova Flavors elevate our development process by not only providing best-in-class products but also through supporting our unique application needs."

Ryan Flick
CRC®, Research Chef

Proven flavor strategy

Innova Flavors delivers the flavor you need, without the ingredients you don't.