Customized Meat Flavors

Robust® line of meat flavors including beef, poultry, pork flavor and other meat-type flavors that offer a bold taste experience.

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Customized Savory Flavors

Non-meat Savory Flavors such as vegetable, herb, seafood, alcohol and more, along with Taste Modifiers.

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The Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein benchmark Vegamine® sets the standard for product quality.

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Flavors Worth Remembering®

We understand both the art and science of creating unique, customized products. Our comprehensive development process is focused, flexible and proven. This process enables us to offer our customers higher quality flavors with faster development and sample delivery than our competitors.

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Our in-house manufacturing flexibility enables Innova to use the most sophisticated tools and processes to deliver tailored options that meet our customers’ needs. Our exceptional solutions combine technical expertise with the insights of experienced marketing, customer-service and technology professionals.

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