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Science and creativity blended with passion and quality for unique, customized meat and savory flavors exclusive to you and your signature dishes.

Trust INNOVA, The Meat Flavor Experts - For meat flavors that are Bold, Hearty, Smooth & Subtle

Our team understands both the art and the science of creating unique customized meat flavors of the highest quality.

Vegamine - the benchmark in Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein. Perfect for Soups, processed meats, appetizers, marinades, dips & more.

Setting the standard for product quality, flavor delivery, and consistency.

Meat Flavors HVPs Savory Flavors & Enhancers
Meat Flavors HVPs Savory Flavors & Enhancers
Robust line of meat flavors including beef, poultry, pork flavor and other meat type flavors offer a bold taste experience.

The Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein benchmark Vegamine® sets the standard for product quality.

Non-meat Savory Flavors such as Vegetable, Herb, Seafood, Alcohol, and more, along with Flavor Enhancers and Taste Modulators.

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