Vegamine AT

The maker of Vegamine, the benchmark flavoring brand for hydrolyzed vegetable protein products, has found a way to improve on its unmatched product quality, flavor delivery, and consistency — now, new Vegamine Advanced Technology (AT) from Innova is the first product of its kind to lower sodium while maintaining the desirable flavor that food companies and consumers have come to expect from a HVP.

Vegamine flavoring products have served a wide range of manufacturing needs for decades, but the high levels of naturally occurring sodium in HVPs have limited their use in low-sodium products, which increasingly are in demand. Attempts at low-sodium options were not able to successfully maintain their flavor. Until now. Lower-sodium Vegamine AT products increase enhancement without sacrificing taste. The high-enhancement of AT products will support cost-reduction initiatives by allowing for a reduction in usage of expensive ingredients. And flavor creators will benefit from its high protein content.

The versatilty to improve the label without sacrificing the taste. . .

Although new, the significant implications for a wide array of food products are already evident as a result of just a few early applications of the new AT products. For instance, by simply substituting Vegamine 83D AT for regular Vegamine 83D and reducing the amount of salt in the formula by 25 percent, a 25 percent reduction in sodium is achieved with a cost impact of only one cent per serving and with sensory attributes comparable to the control. Even greater sodium reduction solutions are possible, reflecting the Vegamine AT line’s improved flavor profile. An expert taste panel making blind evaluations of products containing them clearly perceived the benefits of the lower-sodium Vegamine products.

Vegamine AT ensures your product’s taste-appeal and label profile, and Innova’s proven customer service maintains their 99%+ on time delivery record for you.

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