Our team at Innova understands the challenge faced by the food industry to meet guidelines established to effectively reduce the sodium content in our food supply. Consumers have grown accustomed to salt in their food, originally used as a processing aid and, today, as a taste enhancer. More than 75% of all salt consumed comes from processed foods resulting in a diet for Americans with 2-3 times the amount of salt considered healthy.

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Innova’s SaltSavor™ is a portfolio of salt-reduction solutions of taste-modulation technology based on the binding of umami receptors and enhancement of sodium channels. SaltSavor delivers an increased salty perception through taste modulation (stimulating taste buds) compared to using salty tasting compounds. As an added benefit, there is also flavor enhancement.

The performance of this technology, like alternative options, is product and application specific to where salty taste can be optimized. Our broad experience and years of research and application of the technology has taught us that effective application is “food matrix” dependent, and in many cases, formulas need to be adjusted to compensate for flavor deviation. To schedule a product demo please contact our sales team or request a sample.

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