Taste Modifiers

SaltSavor™ Sodium Reduction Technology
Healthy and easy to use, SaltSavor is a portfolio of flavor enhancers that allow for significant sodium reduction without sacrificing taste. This proprietary sodium reduction technology stimulates taste receptors on the tongue to increase salt perception. It’s available Kosher or Halal and works in virtually any application including soups, sauces, gravies, meats and more.

To learn more, receive a research study on sodium reduction.

Acid Blocker
Bitterness can come from a variety of sources including storage and processing, naturally occurring compounds and ingredients such as artificial sweeteners, botanicals, preservatives, caffeine and more. That’s why Innova developed Acid Blocker, a proprietary technology that masks the acid bite or bitter taste and gives you more flexibility to tailor flavor delivery.

Soy Masker
While it is highly nutritious and flexible, soy has a signature flavor that limits its use. Certain flavors work well with soy, while others tend to magnify the beany off-flavor that’s hard to ignore. Our creativity and experience allow us to develop custom masking approaches to each unique soy challenge situation.

MSG Replacer
Monosodium glutamate is the sodium salt of the naturally occurring amino acid glutamic acid. It is used as a food additive and is commonly marketed as a flavor enhancer.

In situations where the presence of MSG is not desired but the “umami” effect it brings is, Innova offers alternative solutions which provide comparable enhancement, mouthfeel and umami, meeting your label needs.

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