Taste Modifiers

Taste remains king, even with consumers actively trying to reduce their sodium intake. 

SaltSavor™ Sodium Reduction technology can help deliver a craveable taste without high sodium content through stimulating taste receptors on the tongue to increase salt perception.

There’s new demand in stabilizing acidic and bitter flavors in food fueled by the shifting palate of the US Consumer. 

The use of artificial sweeteners, botanicals, preservatives, caffeine as well as processing and storage conditions can create unbalanced bitter and acidic off notes. An Acid or Bitter Blocker can solve these issues and will give more flexibility to tailoring flavor delivery.

Consumers are skeptical of plant-based proteins, but see strong benefit in reducing meat from their diets.
Soy is a reliable meat substitute for its firm texture, flexibility and high protein content, however has been proven difficult to work with due to strong flavor off notes. Using a soy masker can modify consumer perception, rounding the flavor delivery, ultimately minimizing off-notes and beaniness.

Increased consumer aversion to MSG

With ingredient ban lists from major corporations continuing to be released and accepted, added MSG is becoming obsolete in the eyes of both retailers and food service restaurants. Using an MSG replacer allows for the desired umami effect, without MSG on the label.

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