Ultra-Clean Flavors

Ultra-Clean™ flavors, with characteristics inspired by classic culinary cooking techniques, provide the cleanest label possible. No artificial flavors, no preservatives, no HVP, no AYE, no starches or other carriers and no added I+G.

Robust Ultra-Clean is a product portfolio of chicken, beef, pork and turkey clean label flavors for customers who strive to find the balance in developing convenient foods with flavors and characteristics that come from traditional and culinary inspired processes, while facing challenges in processing techniques and short timelines. An added key benefit to this new line is the short label it provides, only “Natural Flavor” in many instances.

Impressive true taste fidelity with the cleanest label possible!

Ultra-Clean Flavor Profiles:  Baked Chicken, Rotisserie Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Chicken Pan Drippings, Dark Meat Chicken, Bone-in-Skin on Chicken, Roasted Beef, Turkey White Meat, Roasted Turkey and any profile to meet your needs.

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Flavors that make your tastebuds feel good
Flavors that make your tastebuds feel good

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