Clean Label  Flavors

Clean Label Flavors offer you the ability to meet consumers’ increasing demand for simplified food labels while providing the highest fidelity in meat flavors. To be used when your products require excellent taste with the full flavor of beef, poultry, pork or other meat types with no HVP and no added I+G.

Clean Label Flavor Profiles:  Beef, Chicken, Bacon, Rotisserie Chicken, Pork, Apple Wood Smoke Pork, Roasted Beef, Chicken Broth, Dark Meat Chicken, Seared Beef, Seared Chicken Fat, Chicken Gravy, Chicken Pan Drippings, Crackling, Grilled Beef, Fried Fat, Roast Chicken, Seared Beef Fat, Braised Beef, Hamburger, Beef Broth, Beef Prime Rib, Roast Beef, Veal, Chicken Liver, Grilled Chicken, Chorizo, Sausage, Linguica Sausage, Roasted Duck, Rendered Duck Fat, Roasted Poultry, Carne Guisada, Savory BBQ, Smokey Bacon, Turkey Fat, Jerk Chicken, Seared Pork Fat, Fried Pork, Slow Roasted Pork and any profile to meet your needs.

People eat food. But they savor flavor.

Flavors worth remembering®
Clean Label Flavor Enhancers
Flavors worth remembering®

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