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Innova incorporates real family recipes into authentic product development

Lombard, IL (June 25, 2013) – As the IFT Annual Meeting + Food Expo comes to Chicago on July 14th, the meat flavor experts at Innova are showcasing a new line of authentic Puerto Rican flavors that will be featured in home-style family recipes. To ensure a genuine experience for companies looking for the next unique flavor idea, line extension or new product, Innova didn’t develop its latest products purely in a lab — they turned to the palates and memories right under their own roof.

“One of our team members, Carlos Rivera, comes from Puerto Rico and has such a strong connection to the flavors he grew up with,” Marketing Manager Daniela Garza explains. He still enjoys these recipes with his family, made from scratch.

Carlos, shared the ingredients and cooking techniques of his heritage down to the last detail. Cindy Clery, one of Innova’s applications scientists incorporated these recipes into the product development process. A round of tastings followed to confirm flavor authenticity

Innova’s recipes featured at IFT consist of Carne Guisada (Beef Stew), Caldo de Pollo (Chicken Soup) and Arroz con Gandules (Rice with Pigeon Peas). These signature recipes include products from Innova’s portfolio:

Attendees at the IFT Food Expo are invited to visit Innova’s Booth #3236.

To schedule a product demo please contact:

About Innova:
Innova, a Griffith Laboratories division, specializes in creating customized meat and savory flavors with unique signatures for a broad range of food applications. Innova has been putting passion and creativity behind the unique science of high-quality branded and customized meat and savory flavors for more than half a century. Innova serves food manufacturers in North America and several export markets, designing and producing unique flavors for new food products and enhancing existing ones. Innova has earned a reputation as the definitive leader in meat flavor technology by continuously providing consumer-preferred flavors developed by the combination of science and art.

Backed by the finest quality and service, Innova’s custom creations are responsible for the bold and memorable flavors and tastes in countless foods and ingredients people around the world know and love.

Daniela Garza, Marketing Manager

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