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LOMBARD, IL (December 6, 2010) — Innova, A Griffith Laboratories Company announced to their customers today that their redesigned website ( has been launched.

Daniela Garza-Sokolowski, Marketing Manager for Innova commented that “Our goal with the redesign and changes is to provide our clients with a tool that is easier to navigate and that allows them to find the right information on customized meat flavors, savory flavors and flavor enhancers for their unique product development needs.”

Innova now includes an interactive map to locate sales representatives, an updated form to contact a sales representative directly and the ability to request samples.

Expanded information on products has also been included in the redesigned site. Product categories of most interest include the meat flavors in their Robust® family (Robust Optima, Robust Replica, Robust Ultima and Robust UltraClean) and Innova’s unique Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein (HPV’s), Vegamine®.

Updated SavorNotes™ with specific categories for savory flavors such as vegetable, herbs, chiles, seafood, alcohol, fat and dairy flavors have also been expanded. In depth information on each type with sample requests are currently available.

Flavor enhancements were also updated in the site redesign with an emphasis on SaltSavor™, Innova’s sodium reduction technology.

Innova’s website redesign confirms their long-standing commitment to both product detail and customer interaction. Feedback regarding the site redesign and/or products can be made to Updated information on all products can be found at

Daniela Garza-Sokolowski


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