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Lombard, IL (June 9, 2014) — Food trends for 2014 and future depict a growing segment of savvy consumers with global taste buds.   At the same time, individuals seek to add more enjoyment to eating—going beyond food for fuel.

Innova has combined today’s consumer trends with the most recent advances in flavor technology to enable food processing companies to serve up the memorable food experiences consumers crave.

“Our research shows that food has become a journey,” explains Daniela Garza, Innova Marketing Manager. “Consumers are looking for more variety, more flavor and authentic tastes in the products they buy. We believe that flavors worth remembering are the key to creating preferred food products.”

Innova has done a minor makeover on itself as well—cooking up a new brand image that better reflects its contemporary variety of meat and savory flavors with a clean and fresh look in sync with the tastes of consumers.   Rebranded as InnovaFlavors, the company launches an updated logo with new colors and fonts, as well as a graphical element it calls “flavor burst,” representing the spectrum of customized flavors offered.

“Just like our customized flavor ingredients, our new brand image is also a mix of art and science,” explains Garza.   “It represents our commitment to our customers to staying on trend with consumers demand for bold and memorable flavor experiences.”

The industry will get its first full-blown look at the new identity during one of the industry’s most important shows: the annual IFT Food Expo, being held June 22-24 in New Orleans, LA.   This show brings “more than 18,000 of the world’s top food science and technology professionals, representing the most prominent organizations in the global food sector” together to “learn about the most recent product, ingredient, and technology developments, and their potential business impact, as well as to identify trends that will shape the industry.”

About Innova

InnovaFlavors partners with food processors to develop customized meat and savory flavors with unique signatures for a broad range of food applications. For more than half a century, Innova’s team of experts have combined passion and creativity behind the unique science of high-quality customized meat and savory ingredients for food manufacturers in North America and several export markets. A definitive leader in meat and savory flavor technology, Innova continuously provides consumer-preferred flavors developed by the combination of science and art. For more information, please visit

Daniela Garza-Sokolowski, Marketing Manager

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