Improved Product Line Now Meets Industry Demand for Non Trans-Fat Label Claim

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September 15, 2005, Oak Brook, Illinois. — Innova®, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of hydrolyzed vegetable/plant proteins for the food industry, announced today that it has reformulated its top-selling Vegamine® product line (hydrolyzed vegetable/plant proteins) to be able to meet customers’ request for a non trans-fat label claim. Vegamine, a savory flavor enhancer produced since the 1940’s, is widely used throughout the food manufacturing industry and can be found in soups, sauces, gravies, seasonings, vegetarian dishes and other applications. The company’s reformulation of Vegamine is in direct response to customer’s demands and consumers changing market needs to reduce and eliminate trans fatty acids or trans fat from their diet.

“With trans-fats being negatively linked to raising blood cholesterol levels and promoting heart disease, Innova is directly addressing the health concerns of Americans by modifying one of the most widely-used flavor enhancers in the industry,” said Brian Glickley, Marketing Manager, Innova. “This new formulation of Vegamine is very exciting news for Innova customers and the food industry.”

Now available to Innova customers, Vegamine’s new formulation has eliminated partially hydrogenated soybean oil from its ingredient listing, allowing a zero percent (0%) trans-fat nutritional claim. All Vegamine label statements, specification and nutritional data sheets will immediately reflect a reduction in trans-fat. Vegamine continues to meet all Kosher and Halal requirements.

“Customer response to this new formulation of Vegamine has been very positive,” continued Glickley. “We remain steadfast in our commitment to supply our customers with the highest quality and service that they’ve come to expect from Innova and will be looking for additional ways to remain a step ahead of the competition as the food industry evolves.” Consumer testing has indicated that the quality and flavor of the new formulation remains consistent with the original.

The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a final ruling requiring food manufacturers to list trans fatty acids (trans fat content), along with the 14 other previously-required mandatory nutrients, on the Nutrition Facts panel of conventional foods and some dietary supplements. Beginning January 1, 2006, the FDA will require all food companies to label the amount of trans-fat in their products allowing consumers to have additional information to make healthier food choices that could lower their intake of trans fat as part of a heart-healthy diet. The FDA’s trans fat rule is the first significant change to the Nutrition Facts panel since the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act (NLEA) regulations were finalized in 1993.

About Innova:
Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, Innova specializes in creating customized meat and savory flavors with unique signatures for most food applications. Innova manufactures a full line of characterized meat flavors under the Robust® brand and produces hydrolyzed vegetable/plant protein (HVP) under the Vegamine® brand. Savory flavors such as cheese, vegetable, chile, seafood, dairy, and alcohol flavors are branded under our SavorNotes™ line. A team approach assures that Innova customers receive on-target, quality products delivered quickly. Innova is dedicated to providing high quality, innovative flavor solutions for food manufacturers to distinguish their products in the retail grocery, industrial and foodservice segments. For more information, please visit

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