Transforming the Burger World:

Whether it’s meat-like flavors or something less traditional, consumers are craving and demanding plant based proteins. For reasons ranging from health, weight loss, sustainability and environment, consumers are looking forward toward plant based alternatives to make a bigger role in their diets.

Globally Inspired Trends:

66% of consumers would like restaurants to offer more ethnic fare and when asked how likely they were to try an alternative protein burger with flavor elements of the following regional cuisines they responded: 62% Balkan, 50% Asian, 46% Middle Eastern (Innova proprietary research).

Our Trending Flavors Include:

  • Grilled: Robust and ready to serve
  • Asian Island: A delicate harmony of Asian flavors
  • Middle Eastern: A flavor escape to the Middle East
  • Balkan: Serve up signature Balkan Flavors


85% of consumers identify taste as the most important attribute in plant-based alternatives. (Datassential. March 2018)

47% of operators introduce new flavors at least once a month, including both new menu items and LTO’s. (Technomic, Flavor Consumer Trend Report, 2017)

44% of consumers want to increase the plant proteins in their diet vs. seafood (33%) and poultry (26%). (Datassential, Plant + Cellular Foodscape, 2017)

40% of consumers aspire to reduce or eliminate meat from their diets. (Datassential, Foodscape 6/17 n=626).

39% of women and 32% of men are eating a vegetarian meal at least once a week. (Datassential 3/18 n=428).

Consumers believe burgers are the #1 savory dish with the potential to taste as the real thing. (Datassential, Foodscape 6/17 n=626).

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