Meet Innova: People

Throughout the company, the Innova team is committed to developing the highest-impact, best-tasting meat and savory flavors—delivered with unsurpassed speed, service and commitment to your success.

Our people set Innova apart.

Innova’s experienced flavor chemists and food scientists draw from their many years of industry experience to bring you the precise meat, savory and culinary flavor solutions you want—every time, on time.

Our research and analytical scientists, regulatory experts, manufacturing team, sales and marketing management continuously care about your success and repeatedly exceed your expectations.

Our Strategic Business Directors are here to assist you in your product development and business goals. Their goal is to assure superior service and expertise to maximize your success with each new product development.

Life is too short to not enjoy great food.

Flavors that make your tastebuds feel good
Flavors that make your tastebuds feel good

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