About Innova:  History

Over the past decade, Innova has consistently met the challenges of our customers. Our unyielding service, flexibility, creativity and value has made Innova and its customers successful. While the Innova name is relatively new, our expertise is built upon decades of experience. Many of Innova’s early flavors derive from years of research, development and creativity within our parent company, Griffith Foods.

In the early 1950s, Vegamine® was introduced, delivering a unique flavoring to enhance the taste in all savory food applications. With its versatile capability and high standards of quality, the flavor of Vegamine quickly became recognized as an industry leader in hydrolyzed vegetable protein.

Differentiate your products and make your taste buds feel good.

During the 1990s we branched off from Griffith Foods to focus exclusively on flavor creation and innovation dedicated to meet the needs of our customers: the Innova flavor division was formed. We built a state-of-the-art flavor facility in Oak Brook, Illinois, where Innova flavor chemists and food scientists could work side-by-side with customers to quickly develop distinguished savory and culinary flavors that satisfy our customers’ needs.
By 2002, Innova had been creating culinary and savory flavors for over a decade. Flavors such as chile, cheese, dairy, seafood, vegetable, alcohol, fats, oils and herbs were incorporated into one brand: SavorNotes™. SavorNotes flavors have been used to develop traditional old-world flavors, create new fusion foods and deliver unique flavor profiles desired by consumers.
That same year, addressing customers need for specific meat flavors, we launched three new Robust brands:

  • Ultima™: the ultimate in restrictive label meat flavors.
  • Replica™: vegetarian flavors that replicate the taste of real meat.
  • Optima™: optimal use of meat flavor ingredients to create high impact flavors.

Innova is committed to meeting new customer challenges and supporting their successes through creative, quality-driven flavor solutions. By offering exceptional service, flexibility, creativity and value to customers around the world, Innova continues to grow as an industry leader.

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